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The NHS has long been criticised for its failure to maximise the benefits of technology, but I am hopeful that the appointment of MattHancock as Health Secretary may change all this. There is no doubt that the announcement of his ‘tech vision’, which has been designedto help NHS organisations to introduce innovative technologies for the benefit of staff and patients, is a powerful step change. Let’s hopeit delivers on its promises. Go to full article here

Leading research has found that video consultations are as effective as face-to-face appointments and our experience, at PhysioFastOnline (PFO), is that 3 in 4 people can be triaged, assessed and supported online without any need for physical treatment. Go here for full article.

Avoid working too long without moving and take regular breaks. Set your smartphone with regular reminders to move. There are lots of apps to assist with this, like Stand Up. Stress and tension can massively affect pain levels: when you’re stressed or busy, this can increase muscle tension, and affect movement and symptoms, so do your best to relax. Go here for the full article.

July 2019


Whilst logistics and transportation companies explore new ways to attract new talent to ease the growing skills shortage, they should also be working more closely to protect existing staff and assist those already suffering with injuries. Improved access to digital health solutions, such as an online videocall service, now provide businesses with a solid return on investment due to a reduction in absenteeism levels and improved employee engagement and productivity.

March 2019

Earlier this year it was announced that physiotherapists will take over routine appointments from family doctors in a bid to cut waiting times at GP surgeries. A new GP contract will see an army of 20,000 practice staff recruited in the hope it will improve access to services. 

Katie Knapton, founder of PhysioFastOnline –

who offer interactive videocall appointments with qualified physiotherapists – looks at what this means for the sector. Go here for the full article.


Advice on running a marathon, all your do's and don't... to avoid injury off the press.

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April 2019