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Online physiotherapy for musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and sports injuries

Pre/Post Op Rehab

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation (Prehab) works on the principle that the fitter and more prepared you are prior to your Orthopaedic procedure, the better the outcome of the surgery is likely to be, recovering faster and to a greater degree.  

At PFO your physio will:

  • design and set up up a Prehab programme with you so you can get the best outcome post surgery.
  • give you the opportunity to discuss any queries or worries that you may have with regards to your pending surgery. 

With Post-Operative Rehabilitation,
 the main aim is to assist your return to normal activities of daily living after surgery. You will be seen by a physiotherapist following surgery to establish your rehabilitation goals and at PFO we can:

  • review your post-op rehab regime and progress to date
  • make changes to your rehab programme as you get stronger and progress your exercises as required
  • discuss any queries and concerns you may have regarding your rehabilitation 

Our Chartered Physiotherapists can help you back on the road to recovery in no time, book a rehab session now

​​Physio before surgery & physio after surgery explained

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