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What to do About Persistent Pain (often known as chronic pain)

Persistent Pain Explained

Persistent Pain

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Persistent (chronic) pain is any pain that has lasted over the normal expected healing time so in general, we think of it as any pain that continues over 3 months. However, chronic pain does not necessarily indicate ongoing damage even though it may feel like it!

Under certain conditions the central nervous system over emits unwarranted pain signals, an analogy being similar to  a TV remote where volume button has got stuck and you are unable to turn it down or even off! Chronic pain can be really overwhelming and debilitating, it needs managing.

It is really important that you gain some understanding about how and why this type of pain occurs and how you can learn to control it with time and effort, this is the first step to a pain reduced life. We suggest you start by watching the video content below and take some timeout to read Greg Lehman’s “Recovery Strategies” workbook. At PFO we often use a workbook to help and are currently using Greg Lehman’s Treatment Fundamentals which really helps progress self-management  with ongoing support from your physiotherapist

Ultimately, working through a pain reduction physiotherapy programme with one of our expert clinicians can help you manage your persistent pain symptoms in a structured, targeted way at your own pace and is the start to a return to normal everyday activities that may seem very hard to achieve right now.

Contact one of our Physiotherapists who can help you by devising a long term recovery plan with a specific exercise regime, personalised advice and support. You are not alone, we understand!​